You Say Hello I Say Goodbye

Alex, You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello

Many of you will have been treated by Alex Durrant and sadly we have to announce that she is leaving us this week to move back to her roots in North Wales. We are sad to see her go as she has been a happy part of the team. We are happy that she has expanded her knowledge and skills at the clinic and will be able to take these and apply them for the benefit of others wherever she lays her hat.
Alex has been very helpful and stayed on board until we had found a replacement, for which we are extremely thankful.
The whole team wishes her well.

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This week Alex Balc joins us to replace Alex, so its goodbye and hello this week.

Alex joins us from Leicester and is a chartered physiotherapist and qualified acupuncturist and is trained in pilates and Yumeiho massage. She is keen on good health and very much enjoys helping people using  a biopsychosocial approach and will thus be very much on board with our wellness philosophy.

Alex enjoys the gym, nature, live music and healthy habits.