You Have A Tremendous Gift In Your Hands And It Can Earn You Valuable FREE Gifts From Us

You have first hand experience and knowledge of what it’s like on the receiving end of treatment at our clinic and we hope that it was a very positive experience that improved your pain and quality of life.

Your Knowledge Could Transform Someone Else’s Life For The Better


That knowledge is precious and for others could mean the difference between ongoing and unnecessary suffering or living a much better life. The fact is there are thousands of people out there who might never have even considered private healthcare, simply because they don’t know what private practices can provide. But even if they do know, they have the almost impossible task of working out who the good, bad and ugly are. No wonder then, that many will do nothing, rather than make a bad decision.  And go on needlessly suffering, day in, day out.

The chances are you personally have friends or family who are suffering right now and YOU can help them. All gifts are nice to get, but what better gift is there than getting out of pain and being more confident to enjoy your life. You can provide this gift.

Read On To Find Out How Much We Value Your Efforts

We want to make sure we make the very best use of the resources we have. That way we can meaningfully help as many people as possible and make a real difference to their lives. Thus, we would prefer those you refer to us to be of a mindset that they really want to get better and have realistic expectations of how much treatment might be needed.   Your help in this will be much appreciated.

We don’t underestimate the effort and responsibility you are taking on to refer somebody to us. After all, you are putting your trust in us that we will look after whoever you refer and give them the best treatment possible.

As a very big thankyou to you for doing this, your next 30 minute treatment will be FREE. Not only that, there is no limit on this, we will give you a free 30 minute treatment for every referral you make.

It Gets Better Yet

We will run a referral competition every 3 months and the person who refers the most in that period will win 3 extra free treatments

knock out

Why Stop There?

We will run an ongoing Champion Referrer Log. What that means is that if you were to land a knock out punch to the existing top referrer, you would become the new champion and  although we haven’t got around to making cups or belts yet, you will win 10 free treatments.


Make no mistake, we are being serious about properly rewarding you for referring dedicated clients to us. But without doubt, there is a much more valuable gift you can give, over and over, and that is a better quality of life to those around you.


Don’t Forget You

Helping others is a wonderful thing to do but don’t forget yourself in all this. If you are in pain, then call us, we can help.


Call NOW 01889 881488. Erica, Jean and Charlotte will be happy to help