Traffic light approach to health

Traffic light approach to health, what do I mean ?Traffic Light Approach to Health
At my clinic, I always ask my patients to fill in a questionnaire about their
current health, and their answers are incredibly useful in letting me see
where they need to improve their mindset, their nutrition, their fitness and
their lifestyle. I call it the traffic light approach to health because we analyse
these areas by saying whether the patient is green (good), amber (room for
improvement) or red (poor). These are your fitness keys, and they will tell
you where you need to improve. With this in mind, I have developed four
questionnaires – one for each key – and have placed them in the appendix
of this book. If you want to get the most out of this book, I urge you to
complete the questionnaire at the start of each chapter, and again after
you’ve absorbed the knowledge and implemented some of my suggested
changes into your life. Soon, you should start to see your traffic light scores
changing from red or amber to green on all counts. When this happens, you
are likely to be at your optimal health for your age, which means you’ll be
giving yourself the best possible chance if a disease or injury should occur.
So, to those therapists and doctors who want to go beyond their specific
training and look at the synergy of everything they know in order to create
their own map, here is mine.
If you don’t want to commit to a new, healthy you, then now is probably a
good time to leave my blogs. If, however, you desire to work towards a healthy, fit,
pain-free body, here we go. It’s time to take your health into your own hands
and get rid of all the pain that has been holding you back

Location Location Location

Finding out what you are suffering with is never easy, but here at Nicky Snazell’s Pain Relief Clinic we have been working hard to help you do just that.


Starting tonight, on the left hand side you will see our familiar treatment man from the home page. We have redesigned the website interface to enable you to access the content in the Practice Portal with greater ease, starting with selecting the location of your body that hurts. From there, you can answer a series of questions that will help our system decide what conditions you may have. Give it a shot on either the left or right of this text (above or below on mobile devices).

If you think you have found the condition, you can read more about it and find potential treatments for it on the following pages. If you want to confirm this, or you are not sure if it is correct, you can always phone us on 01889 881488 or use our online contact form. As always, we love to here your feedback in the comments section or over on our Facebook page and you can always follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news on how you can make sure that your greatest wealth is your health.

Social Smart Layers

Evening all, just thought I would introduce you to our new social options that are present on the website as of tonight.

First of all, we have the new follow buttons located in the top right of every page. Try them out to find us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as well as the option to take you straight to our RSS feed for the blog.

Secondly, if you look to your left you will see the new sharing sidebar, designed to make it even easier for you to send your favourite content to your friends.

Finally, in the bottom right we have a new tool designed to help you decide what to read next. This little tool looks at the article you are reading, and finds other pages also popular with similar readers, making it even easier to find new tips and tricks to improve your health.

If you happen to be looking at this site on a mobile phone, then you will notice that there is a bar across the bottom instead. All the other sharing options only got in the way, so this just tidies it up a little and makes it easier for you to read the important stuff whilst not making it harder to send it to your friends.

We love the idea, and we hope you will too, so give it a try and let us know what you think in the comment sections below. As always, although it is now easier, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest and most update health news.

Website Engineer

New Website Launched

After several months in the making, our new website is finally ready to be released on the world. By this point you will likely of noticed the difference, but here a just a few of the things we have changed.

Increased Sharing Options

New Sharebar

Just seen an article that you have found useful, well let everyone know with our new sharebar features. Simply click the buttons to send it to the social network of your choice.

New Practice Portal

New Practice Portal

Although this was present on our previous website, we have made some significant changes to the functionality of the Practice Portal.

We found that it was not efficient to use the category system, and so we just removed them, favouring simplicity. Simply click a location and you will be shown a series of questions to try and find your condition.

We have already planned the next stage which will enable you to decide who you are best seeing for your condition, and in the future hope you will be able to book and manage your appointments from directly from this website.

If you are in a rush and already have a diagnosis of your condition, then save time and simply find your condition in the extensive list of conditions that we treat.

Mobile First Design Principles

We have saved the best till last though, not only does our new website load quicker on your desktop, but it also looks fantastic on your mobile devices.

New Mobile Friendly Design

In order to view our mobile site, just load our homepage on your mobile device, and the best layout will be automatically shown to you based on the size of your device.

We understand that your in a hurry, thats why our mobile site contains less of the fancy stuff, and more of the information that you are looking for. Naturally though we didn’t want to ruin the website, so we wrote it specifically to look good without taking forever to load.