shaping babies mind

Shaping babies mind is an exert from my next book in progress, The HUMAN GARAGE.VOLUME 1,c THE MIND
At the time of writing this my niece is 11 days old.Looking at her reminds me how we start as a ball of cells and grow and grow.In the first month of her life she will form trillions of brain connections.Every second about one thousand new connections form.By the time she is 3, her little head will be three times heavier.
She has a basic genetic blueprint from my brother Jez and Sara.However a combination of this and her experiences will be shaping babies mind.Strongly stimulated connections grow in complexity and unused ones get pruned away. Neuroplasticity is all about, use it or lose it.
What Skyla eats and hears and touches and feels, will form the neural networks for health,intelligence,social skills and language.
Baby Skyla will hear all sorts of languages, then select the most often heard, then communicate in this way, pruning away all unused languages.
This is when my younger brother will curl up his toes,so Jez, make a brew. I used to play magic lifts with him, when he was tiny and we would go to different lands and see imaginary places and people. Imagination is so strong when you are young and healthy. Wonder if he will do this with his daughter.
With my older very patient and adorable brother Rich,I tested the patience of a saint.Wchen I was a little kid, I always wanted to swim all the time, and he took me roller skating and trolley racing. So I wore my swim wear and goggles and float to all the boys activities. I also sat in puddles and filled up sinks full of water.Yes he loved taking me out to play with the boys gang, NOT!!!My imagination at under 5 years old enabled me to enjoy activities in my own strange way and feel happy.I guess I haven’t changed ………….
John Medina in his book brain rules for babies wrote; ’’Greatest paediatric brain boosting technology in the world is probably a cardboard box, a fresh box of crayons and a couple of hours.’’
Pay attention to baby. Speak a lot directly to it with colourful fresh inspiring vocabulary. Communicate with touch, facial expressions and body language, as language is not there to start with and baby associates with body language. Your body language heartfelt responses to babies needs and calls, sculpture intellectual and emotional stability in the child.
Get in the right state of mind as best you can around baby as they are acutely sensitive to your mood/energy. Practice my mind techniques, especially breath and heart before handling the little one, as it can be exhausting and frustrating at times, and you will transmit this strongly.
If you practice energy healing or massage baby will love that. Reiki is great. My cats love their daily Reiki, quieter than the kids’ response, just a lot more fur everywhere.

Traffic light approach to health

Traffic light approach to health, what do I mean ?Traffic Light Approach to Health
At my clinic, I always ask my patients to fill in a questionnaire about their
current health, and their answers are incredibly useful in letting me see
where they need to improve their mindset, their nutrition, their fitness and
their lifestyle. I call it the traffic light approach to health because we analyse
these areas by saying whether the patient is green (good), amber (room for
improvement) or red (poor). These are your fitness keys, and they will tell
you where you need to improve. With this in mind, I have developed four
questionnaires – one for each key – and have placed them in the appendix
of this book. If you want to get the most out of this book, I urge you to
complete the questionnaire at the start of each chapter, and again after
you’ve absorbed the knowledge and implemented some of my suggested
changes into your life. Soon, you should start to see your traffic light scores
changing from red or amber to green on all counts. When this happens, you
are likely to be at your optimal health for your age, which means you’ll be
giving yourself the best possible chance if a disease or injury should occur.
So, to those therapists and doctors who want to go beyond their specific
training and look at the synergy of everything they know in order to create
their own map, here is mine.
If you don’t want to commit to a new, healthy you, then now is probably a
good time to leave my blogs. If, however, you desire to work towards a healthy, fit,
pain-free body, here we go. It’s time to take your health into your own hands
and get rid of all the pain that has been holding you back

The 4 keys to health

The 4 keys to health guide gives you a practical method to achieve a longer happier healthier life. Enjoy the book, colour your 4 keys to health,red ,amber or green. Four green keys is what you need to strive for. If you score yourself with the questionnaires before using the manual ,then again after you should change colour.The 4 keys represent your mind, your food, fitness and lifestyle.Book available at my clinic,on the website and amazon. Look to U tube for a video about why I wrote this book.
If you are interested in preventing illness for yourself and your family this book is for you. If you have been a patient of mine, you will be very familiar with my words.
Inside the cover are exercises, recipes, sports advice, mindset tools and 200 book references.Here is the first paragraph of my book;’My name is Nicky Snazell and I am known to some as ‘the pain killer’. After all, that’s what I do: I kill pain, and I can kill yours too. I realise how important it is to free our bodies of pain so that we can enjoy our lives to the full, and I can help you to do exactly that. As the owner of a pain relief clinic in Staffordshire, I’ve got years and years of experience in treating pain and all of its causes, some of which we are frequently unaware of. So often I feel like I’m working in the illness industry and not the wellness industry, and I believe that we should focus more on the latter – by preventing health problems before we have to cure them.

I can get you to your optimal health for your age, no matter what your ability level. How? For one thing, I have studied health and pain for thirty years, researching how we as humans function at our best. Furthermore, this is backed up by the knowledge and skills I have gained by creating and working within my integrated medical practice, which has given me twenty-five years of hands-on experience and from which I’ve collected a long list of testimonials from satisfied customers who have managed to conquer their pain. They’ve done it, and now so can you. ‘

Z Factor 2013

Nicky just spent four fantastic days at the 2013 Z factor in Spain with Joseph McClendon. This years event was a tremendous success with everybody who attended gaining transformational knowledge on how to improve their health.

Click here to see the video

Nicky was on stage each day to talk about pain and its perception. This year she took a team of puppets to help explain individual case studies and to get the audience to identify with the character. A typical quirky idea from Nicky, but it really worked.

Nicky on stage Z Factor 2013

Nicky on Z Factor 2013

This is the fourth event where Nicky has shared the stage with Joseph McClendon. Joseph loves Nicky’s unique presentation style. Given the success of this years event in Spain, it looks like there will be many more as it spreads around the world.


Kempinski gardens

Kempinski gardens

This years Z Factor was held at the Kempinski Hotel Bahia, near Estapona, a beautiful location with grounds and beach which was perfect for outside yoga and walks. The event was a great opportunity to have fun as well.



Nicky letting her hair down at Z Factor

Nicky having fun at th Z Factor

If you want to learn more about how to really get a major improvement in your health, to feel more alive, have more vitality, sleep better and look younger, then upcoming Z Factor events are for you. Make sure  you call us, so that we can keep you posted on future dates.

Listen, Think Positively and Improve Your Health

The great majority of us are required to live a life of constant systematic duplicity. Your health is bound to be affected if, day after day, you say the opposite of what you feel, if you grovel before what you dislike and rejoice at what brings you nothing but misfortune. Our nervous system isn’t just a fiction, it’s part of our physical body, and our soul exists in space and is inside us, like the teeth in our mouth. It can’t be forever violated with impunity’ Dr.Zhivago.

At university I was taught about illness. Alternative medicine later taught me about preventing illness. By studying healthy, happy people and asking them how they achieved better health, I found a key ingredient was hopeful, optimistic and proactive thoughts. Time and again, these individuals would seek out and pursue wellbeing in appropriate ways to achieve healthy, longer lives.

This month I would like to touch upon the link between our thoughts and our listening skills and the impact these have on our health.

I hope you would agree listening is a skill most of us could improve upon. Being able to communicate our feelings to each other and ourselves is necessary to achieve health and happiness. If we feel listened to and understood, we feel positive and cherished. But if we sense we are not being listened to, this launches a sequence of negative thoughts and responses throughout our body.

I came across a piece of research which really illustrates the impact of thought on our immune system. Analysing salivary gland samples of medical students after they had watched an hour of either war or Mother Theresa, the impact on the immune system was clear. War had an immediate harmful effect and Mother Theresa an immediate positive effect. Now consider the impact of non- stop bad news in the media. Our immune systems were simply never designed to cope with this onslaught. That’s why sickness, both mental and physical, tends to increase when there is a lot of bad news around.

Thoughts are interpreted as good or bad and this creates a cascade of neurotransmitters which fire off the adrenal gland to release fight or flight chemicals according to the degree of fear.  These neurotransmitters are secreted not only in the brain, but also in every cell in the body, creating a direct impact on the immune system, controlling cellular inflammation and abnormal growth.

Many drugs, including those for arthritis, are targeted at the end point of this cascade, but I want you to learn how to go back to the beginning and change your thoughts to elicite a different emotional and chemical response.

The link from what we hear (listen) from the world around us and how we interpret (think) this input is clear. If we can improve our listening skills, we can have a positive impact on ourselves and those around us. Here is my favourite listening exercise for you, life changing if you take it seriously. Sit down with a friend or partner and role play at being their therapist, draw out a timetable of daily activities in 30 min chunks. Write activities underneath, i.e. drive to work 8 am for 30 mins, work at computer for an hour, etc. Listen carefully to the words they use and their body language about that activity and write down a key emotion beneath that activity. Your partner needs to write down their actual emotion, to compare notes afterwards. Be honest put a score down of how well you listened and swop over. Then repeat in a weeks time.

What memories of your life do your cells hold? Look at the amount of time you feel content and increase it by either your attitude or your activities to make your life more purposeful and happy.

Stop as soon as you have a negative thought, hang on to positive ones for at least 15 seconds and reprogram your cells, be the architect of the new you. Change your consciousness and change your cells. Everyday I get the privilege of changing lives by creating tailor made  programs that nurture the immune system. Being able to create the right mind state and brain wave pattern is a crucial step to being in optimum health. Now take action, and if you need some guidance to achieve this, contact my clinical retreat.


Contact Nicky Snazell’s Pain Relief Clinic on 01889 881488

Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life

Each of us has the ability to alter our destiny by the choices we make. Perhaps not so obvious is that by focusing on what we think, this will affect what we do and ultimately what we get.

The brain has a clever information filtering system called the RAS. Literally billions of bits of data constantly bombard the brain from every direction.   If we even attempted to pay attention to everything, it would result in total chaos as we would be overwhelmed by the quantity of information. This magical mechanism, the RAS, will look for information that can get through the filter, and that filter will be set by what you are focusing on. The brain is then effectively seeking out information that fits your thoughts and your actions will follow suit.

It is this scientifically proven mechanism that is thought to be behind the success of  ‘The Secret’, but  for many, the latter was treated as unbelievable as it was interpreted as ‘think about something once and it will miraculously appear’

I have studied under truly inspirational NLP gurus; Richard Bandler, Tony Robbins and Joseph McClendon and now have the honour of working closely with Joseph co- presenting at Z Factor health events around the world. These gurus have embraced the science and power of the brains filtering system and combined this with NLP to obtain proven results.

So I want to share with you how you can embrace these concepts to your benefit in the process of happiness.

The difference between someone who considers themselves a success or a failure can simply be the lack of focus placed on their thoughts. As an example, if you convince yourself you can’t do something, you will be right, you won’t. But if you convince yourself you can do something, then with determination you will succeed. To achieve happiness we have to work at it, and train our brain to seek it out.

On the whole the brain looks for the familiar, it likes matches, prefers what it knows , it’s easier. So to succeed you must stretch yourself and go outside your comfort zone.

Here’s your homework, you must visualize what you want in your life and then link emotion to it. In your minds’ eye clearly picture where you want to be, when, what you will look like, see, hear, feel, and who will be there with you when you get there. Give attention to every detail. Run a movie in your mind of this and look at yourself in that movie being happy.

If it helps, cut out pictures from a magazine and make a collage, put it on the wall and look at it every day. Next look at the steps you need to get there, plan it out methodically. Write out time lines for activities.  Learn how to run movies in your mind of you already achieving this life, and get good at it.

Then take action to achieve these steps to being the person you strive to be in the life you desire. Happiness is not a passive process, it takes dedication and hardwork.