Getting to retirement age

Getting To Retirement Age
Let’s consider some facts, by again looking to the USA and their statistics on
lifestyle at retirement age. Now, I want you to imagine that you’re at a party
with all your friends. Out of all of these people, how many do you think will
still be alive at retirement age? How many will be flat broke? How many will
be wealthy enough to help others? If we look at the American statistics here
(which will be similar to our own in the UK), the answers to these questions
may surprise you. Out of 100 American citizens with social security, only
one would be wealthy at retirement age. Four would be financially secure.
Five would still have to work in order to afford their lifestyle. Fifty-four
would be completely broke, and thirty-six would be dead. Only 5% would
be able to live healthy lives at this point. Now, imagine you’re looking
around at your friends at the party again. Only 5% of these people will be
able to support themselves enough to live healthily at retirement age. This is
why we need a life plan, and this is why we really need to think about where
our lives are going.
With that in mind, how old do you think your kids will live to? And does it
matter where in the world they live? Unfortunately, according to the CIA File
(October 2014), the average life expectancy of children who are born now is
not as good as you might think (especially with some scientists estimating
that all of us will soon be living into our hundreds). Broken down by country,
people born in Monaco today will have an average life expectancy of 89.57
years. This is at the top of the table. Here in the UK, it is 80.42 years. In the
USA, 79.56 years. Then, right at the bottom of the table, we have South
Africa: children being born there today will have a life expectancy of just
40.96 years. This sounds shocking, but it is something that – here in the UK
– we have the power to change ourselves, by transforming the way we think,
what we eat, how we move, and what kind of lifestyle w
ce choose to have.