New Website Launched

After several months in the making, our new website is finally ready to be released on the world. By this point you will likely of noticed the difference, but here a just a few of the things we have changed.

Increased Sharing Options

New Sharebar

Just seen an article that you have found useful, well let everyone know with our new sharebar features. Simply click the buttons to send it to the social network of your choice.

New Practice Portal

New Practice Portal

Although this was present on our previous website, we have made some significant changes to the functionality of the Practice Portal.

We found that it was not efficient to use the category system, and so we just removed them, favouring simplicity. Simply click a location and you will be shown a series of questions to try and find your condition.

We have already planned the next stage which will enable you to decide who you are best seeing for your condition, and in the future hope you will be able to book and manage your appointments from directly from this website.

If you are in a rush and already have a diagnosis of your condition, then save time and simply find your condition in the extensive list of conditions that we treat.

Mobile First Design Principles

We have saved the best till last though, not only does our new website load quicker on your desktop, but it also looks fantastic on your mobile devices.

New Mobile Friendly Design

In order to view our mobile site, just load our homepage on your mobile device, and the best layout will be automatically shown to you based on the size of your device.

We understand that your in a hurry, thats why our mobile site contains less of the fancy stuff, and more of the information that you are looking for. Naturally though we didn’t want to ruin the website, so we wrote it specifically to look good without taking forever to load.

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