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My journey started as a young child, when I had a fascination to help people. I had a gift but of course I was too young to realise it. To me it had been obvious even then if a person was in pain.

As a young teenager, I faced head on the consequences of severe pain, when my mother suffered years of horrific back pain. I could not understand why the best our western medicine could offer was pain killers, rest and exercises. Simply put, western medicine failed to kill her pain. I was driven to do something about it, but when I qualified first in Biological Sciences in 1988, and then as a Physiotherapist in 1991, I realised that this was still the same western medicine and I was no more able to help people with chronic spinal pain than I had been as a child.

Since then I have searched relentlessly to learn new skills and find new technologies. The facts speak for themselves;