Help Reduce Those Winter Blues

Now winter is here and the nights are longer and the air cooler, we tend to be inside a lot more. It’s not so healthy for us and we feel less happy. So here is a healthy lifestyle tip for your workplace backed up with sound research.




Put some indoor plants in

Repeated studies have confirmed that the presence of potted plants reduces blood pressure, improves reaction times, attendance, attentiveness, productivity, wellbeing, perception of the space and job satisfaction.


And it’s not just women that get the benefit. A Norwegian University study looked at the impact in the workplace, found that men generated 15% more ideas with flowers/plants present.


In another study, 59 employers were rigorously tested. Having plants in their office resulted in:

  • less health problems
  • 30% to 40% less coughing/dry throat/hoarseness,
  • 25% less skin dryness
  • 20% to 30% less fatigue and headaches.


Even just a view of plants through a window was found to help. Imagine all this improvement in your health, just from putting plants into your workplace!