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We are very pleased to announce that in late March we will be taking delivery of the next generation of MBST technology for treating Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis.  The improvements will provide the opportunity to treat larger areas of the body, which will in turn provide a cost saving to you.

MBST Open 700

MBST Open 700

MBST Treatment For Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritic Joint

Osteoarthritic Joint

Although MBST treats both osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, it is osteoarthritis sufferers that will get most benefit. Why? The sad fact is that over 30% of the population suffers the serious consequences of osteoarthritis and that many of them don’t even know that treatment is available. As a result they just put up with the pain and loss of ability to carry out normal daily activity and live an ever more painful and disabling life. To make matters worse, the population is rapidly ageing and so the percentage suffering osteoarthritis is going to increase dramatically.At present there are only four MBST centres investing in the UK to promote this innovative technology. When we take delivery of the latest generation machine, it will be only the second in the UK. So in broad terms, very few of the UK population have even seen or heard of MBST and do not have easy access to this state of the art solution to osteoarthritis.

For the many who have not even heard of MBST, it is difficult to be confident it works. MBST was developed in Germany in the 1990’s and they initially only focused on the German and Austrian market, but in that time have already treated over 150,000 patients. The good news is that because so many patients have been treated, this gave the opportunity to gather a lot of data. As a result an independent ten year study of over 4,500 patients, who suffered knee, hip, ankle or low back osteoarthritis, and were treated in Germany and Austria from 2000 to 2010, has been completed. This has just been published in early 2013 and results are conclusive:

Following treatment with MBST, patients with osteoarthritis of all four types experienced a distinct improvement in their ability in function parameters. Overall, the 10 years of a one year survey with multicentre data gathered on the effect of MBST treatments on patients verifiably proved its efficacy amongst patients with osteoarthritis” (translated to English terminology)

In summary the conclusions repeat over and over again:

  • pain reduction
  •  frequency of pain reduction
  • improved ability to carry out normal daily activity


Once you have had your first MBST seven hour treatment, you will know the benefits it has given you, including less pain, more mobility and freedom to get on with life. Your friends and family will see the difference and will want to know how this happened. Inevitably you will also know of other people who could gain the same benefits as you have.

When you first have MBST, you will be advised of the need for annual top ups, which for osteoarthritis is three hours (you can these more frequently if you wish).  Our proposal to you is that if you can recommend just three people every year, who have never tried MBST before, to come along for an assessment and who then go on to try a full seven hour treatment, then we will pay for your annual top up, so to you it will be free.


That’s right, for just three successful referrals a year, you get to keep the benefits of MBST free for life.

The new technology automatically offers a price reduction as it can treat a larger area. The recommended price for this seven hour treatment is £700, i.e. no more than our pain specialist rate, so for  very expensive new technology, it is an exceptionally competitive price, especially when you realise that there are no non surgical alternatives, except drugs. We, however, want to provide this fantastic treatment with an introductory 15% discount at just £595.

But we want to go one stage further than that to really celebrate the launch of the latest technology. We have decided to have a LAUNCH SPECIAL OFFER WITH A MASSIVE 30% DISCOUNT. This will be for strictly limited numbers and will be on a first come, first served basis.


For the first ten patients who book a seven hour treatment, we are offering a massive 30% discount. After that we will revert to the 15% discounted price of just £595. Now start thinking about all those people you know, who unnecessarily suffer osteoarthritis and not only tell them about MBST, tell them it just got better and that they can get it at a 30% discount.

We just made it a whole lot easier for you to get your next annual top up free!

Should you decide that being an ambassador is not for you, then of course that is your choice. The need for an annual top up, however, remains and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on our launch benefits.

We will be offering the annual top of three hours at a 15% discounted price of just £255, and again we will offer the first ten patients an incredible 30% off at just £210.

We have seen so many good results from MBST, people who have been able to do things they couldn’t do for years, people who were scared of surgery and found that they no longer needed it and people who were so happy just to be able to do normal things again. If it were not for this we would not be investing in the next generation technology.

We hope to see you soon to discuss what MBST can do for you.

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