REIKI,as a reiki master myself, the concept of REIKI is very dear to me.Especially tonight, because tomorrow I attend the funeral of the closest soul I have ever had the privilege of knowing and befriending and studying under.My book the 4 keys to health is dedicated to her memory, and she held it just weeks before her death.
First, I will look at a brief history. Reiki, simply put, means universal life
force energy, and it is a lovely touch healing technique. It is thought to
connect to the work put together by a Japanese theology lecturer, called
Mikao Usui, in the late 1800s, and he was also a high school principal and
Christian minister. Asked to undertake a ten year study of the healing work
of Jesus and Buddha, as well as the esoteric teachings of India, he started by
exploring the life of Buddha. Born 620 B.C.E. on the Napal-Indian border,
Buddha was born to a king and escaped his closeted upbringing in order to
relieve pain and suffering. A lifestyle of non-attachment healing, and loving
to material and living creatures on earth was taught, and it is here that we
find the earliest records of reiki.
I’d like to talk a bit here about Jesus, who was known to be a great physician.
When Jesus was two years old (and when Herod was killing boy children),
there were three wise men who came into his life, and these were said to be
Buddhists. Now, here is the controversial bit: scripts have been found saying
that these wise men took Jesus and his family to Egypt and India. There was
a mystical order on the Dead Sea where the Dead Sea Scrolls were said to be
found. In 30 C.E., Jesus returns to Jerusalem where he escapes crucifixion
(another teaching that is in direct conflict with Christian religions), and
then he returns to India for 16 years, living be 120 years old. This is a much
nicer ending than the one I was taught! Having gone to a Christian Churchof England school and knowing the family Bible inside out, I find these
ideas fascinating.
The records are a little sketchy but Mikao Usui was believed to have
conducted a seven year project in the USA, where he read Sanskrit Indian
and Tibetian scripts, possibly at the University in Chicago. On his return
to Japan, he went to a Zen monastery, and when he died in 1926, he passed
his closest controversial teachings and healings onto Chujiro Hayashi, who
died in 1940. Before Hayashi died, however, he passed on the teachings
to his wife, Chie Hayashi, as well as H. Takari, and there are records of
their teachings in Alaska, Tokyo, and Hawaii. They taught fifty reiki masters
between them, and so the lineage continues.
Modern courses have simplified the teachings to churn out reiki masters
of little knowledge, compared to the early masters who dedicated their
entire lives to it. Three key signs are used in the modern interpretation
of reiki: Cho-Ku-Rei, meaning God is here, Sei-He-Kei, meaning key to
the universe/man and God becoming one, and Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen,
meaning the Buddha in me reaches out to the Buddha in you to promote
enlightenment and peace.
I have studied anthropology, psychic phenomena, and ancient healing
techniques for over thirty years as an aside from my day job, and my dear
tutors – whom I still sit with at least once every three weeks – are all in their
eighties. Before I arrive, they always create a sacred space, with candles lit
and incense wafting as the door opens. The peace always feels like a big loving
hug embracing you as you slip off your shoes and enter their space. Reiki
work, practised in this place and with these wise souls, can make magical
changes to the way someone lives their life, standing apart from religious
labels. It has always been an honour to love these dear friends, and their
words often echo in my head: “focus Nicky, listen and concentrate, such an
undisciplined child in this art, but showing signs of finally maturing!”June
thankyou and Godbless.